Save To…

Jan 3, 2022

“Save To…” is a simple app that makes exporting data from any app into a file simple. Just open the share option, select “Save To…” and choose the target file. Done. No permissions are required.

1 Open the Share Option in any App

Select “Save To…” to save the shared data as a file.

2 Choose Destination Folder and Filename

3 Done!

The file is saved and can be accessed also from other apps.

One use case is to save images from a messenger app like WhatsApp into the device Gallery and use it in other apps from there.


Feedback and questions are appreciated! Just send an e-mail to or contact me on X @xa17d.


Available on the Google Play Store: Save To… (


Maximum privacy. The app doesn’t connect to the internet and cannot access files that you didn’t explicitly share. Therefore, you don’t need to grant any permissions.

Privacy Policy

More Information

Learn more about how “Save To…” was created in: I Published My First App on the Google Play Store.

The source code is available on GitHub: